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How to start your blog on GatsbyJS in minutes

You don’t need to use Wordpress to start your blog in our days. There are many options to launch static sites on JAMstack(JAM stands for JavaScript, API & Markup) even with CMS supports. I spent a few days looking for the fastest option, and these are my points:

  • GatsbyJS - very popular, based on React, and has many ready-made plugins, themes, features.
  • Lumen Starter. Pros under the hood:

    • Syntax highlighting in code blocks using PrismJS.
    • Archive organized by tags and categories.
    • Pagination support.
    • NetlifyCMS support.
    • Google Analytics.
    • Disqus Comments.
    • Flow static type checking.
    • Pre-configured starter site with Netlify.
  • Netlify to host the blog.

Use this button to build and deploy your own copy of the blog like this site:

Deploy to Netlify

Follow Netlify’s instructions to finish all configurations. Also, you’ll need to set up Netlify’s Identity service to authorize users to log in to the CMS.